Mbala Mbala non-profit

Early 2018 the non-profit organization The Friends of Mbala Mbala was founded to provide more visibility and to strengthen the actions we’ve been taking to support the community in the neighbourhood Bumba.

The association bears the name in Dutch: “De Vrienden van Mbala Mbala,” in French “Les Amis de Mbala Mbala”, in English “The Friends of Mbala Mbala,” and in German “Die Freunde von Mbala Mbala” and is abbreviated “Mbala Mbala”

Association registration number: BE 0694.988.073


The association aims to improve the quality of life of residents in the neighbourhood Bumba located in the municipality Ngaliema (in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo) by improving the environmental, social and spiritual well-being of the community.

We do this by taking initiatives and providing support to third-party initiatives contributing to this goal.


The Friends of Mbala Mbala aim to make a bridge between the residents of the neighbourhood Bumba and family, friends and many supporters in Belgium and many other countries. We examine the needs of residents in the neighbourhood, and see how we can support their initiatives. We provide advice, materials and financial support.

Fundraising is therefore an important rationale for the association


Our vision on The Friends of Mbala Mbala is being a network of people with the heart in the right place and a special interest and attention to the problems faced by the residents of the neighborhood Bumba.

Read on to learn more about us and learn how you can contribute.