For years many years local residents in the neighborhood Bumba have been joining hands to address a range of problems, foremost they’ve been united in the fight against erosion. Due to a lack of infrastructure, poor governance and heavy rainfall, mega-gullies appear all over the city.

Neighbourhoods are cut of from the rest of the city and utilities such as water and electricity connections are interrupted.
Therefore the friends of Mbala Mbala support initiatives in the neighbourhood by providing expertise and collecting donations.

With these gifts, the following activities are supported:

  • Sensitization and training in water and sanitation management
  • Growing adapted grasses and trees for erosion control
  • Construction of facilities for erosion control and rainwater management
  • Support to build small dams to restore the ravines
  • Improving sanitation in schools

The project is managed locally by the association Le Message du Graal au Congo. Through education and awareness, and to achieve a better social cohesion and cooperation among the residents in the neighborhood that now work together for a sustainable neighborhood.