Support us

To further support the residents in the neighbourhood Bumba, additional funds are needed for the equipment and labour.

Building dams and other water management measures is very labor intensive. There is a lot of manpower needed. The small fee that can be offered (~ 2 € / day) for many people, moreover, is an important source of revenue. The volunteers who are committed to raising awareness in the area and for directing the work can also count on a small fee.

We strive for an optimal use of resources and transparency. This requires proper administration both in raising funds and in their use. To pursue this efficiency and transparency we founded the non-profit organization The Friends of Mbala Mbala and we have sets up a formal structure in Kinshasa to streamline the volunteering actions in the neighbourhood Bumba.

You can help us by …

  • making a small (or large) gift.
  • Donating material (in good condition).
  • By participating in activities.
  • By helping to organize an activity.

All initiatives are welcome …


Donations can be made to Mbala Mbala VZW on account number BE52 5230 8099 8109