Together for a sustainable neighborhood

Ravine formation is a phenomenon that Kinshasa has been struggling with for decades. Due to the strong expansion of the city on the one hand and the crumbling of state structures since the 1990s on the other, the number of ravines has increased exponentially.

For years, a few residents of the Bumbu district in the Ngaliema municipality have shown the best of their own to fight against the ravines with their limited resources. Unfortunately, this is not enough to turn the tide in a sustainable way. In every rainy season the heart is stuck and hope that extreme heavy rain showers will not occur. Wishful thinking. The changing climate promises little good in this respect … the risk of extreme showers increases, the consequences can be expected.

That is why the friends of Mbala-Mbala support the initiatives in the neighborhood by providing expertise and collecting donations. The friends of Mbala-Mbala together with their partners provide expertise to improve water management in the district and to protect the ravine in an effective manner.
Furthermore, the friends of Mbala Mbala and partners help fundraising, formulating projects, and collecting donations.

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